What is Reading Rescue?

Reading Rescue™ is a daily, one-on-one, 30 minute literacy intervention for elementary students, and a professional development program for school staff members. Students in first, and in some schools, second and/or third grade receive additional support in reading, writing, and speaking from a trained Reading Rescue Instructor. Any member of a school’s staff (paraprofessionals, teachers, coaches, librarians, and in some cases CBO partner staff) can receive professional development to deliver the research-based instruction that helps accelerate struggling readers’ literacy skills. A two-year professional development sequence prepares staff members to provide skilled intervention that teaches below-grade level students how to read and write.

Reading Rescue brings expertise in literacy intervention into schools. The improved pedagogical skills attained by Reading Rescue instructors benefits all students they work with, not just students in Reading Rescue.


Literacy is essential

The consequences of early reading failure are dire, both for the student, and his/her family and community. We stress early intervention because early literacy failure creates a downhill spiral of educational failure, leading to negative life outcomes.


All hands on Deck

Student success is a team effort. Our program equips multiple people on staff within a school to accelerate literacy among low performing students, thus creating a solid foundation for educational success.


Anchored in Research

Up-to-date research informs all of our program components, and our materials are continually revised to keep pace with new research developments.



By seeking out partners in the community to execute this important work, we strengthen our ability to make a lasting and comprehensive impact.


Student and school-focused

We base all of our decisions on what is in the best interest of students and the school staff with whom we work. Our work is data-driven and individualized for the school and student.


Every Student Counts

Sustained improvement in literacy happens one student at a time. Our approach is one-to-one because every student deserves the type of instruction he or she needs to succeed.



Who Created Reading Rescue?

Reading Rescue was developed in 1993 by Nora Lee Hoover when she was a professor of Language and Literacy at the University of Florida. From the late 1990s until the mid 2000s, Hoover traveled the country bringing Reading Rescue to over 500 elementary schools across seven states. Through her work, thousands of students were taught to read and hundreds of school community members became skilled reading instructors. In the early 2000s, the decision was made by Literacy Trust’s Board of Directors to focus services in New York City public schools where they could centralize their efforts on the largest school district in the country. Now, Reading Rescue is operated jointly by Literacy Trust and Teachers College Reading and Writing Project in hundreds of schools throughout New York City.


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Reading Rescue would not be possible without the generous support and sponsorship of the Benedict Silverman Foundation.