What our partners are saying...


"Teachers who participate in the program also gain important transferable skills that they use with their small groups in reading."

- Silvana Ng, Principal, PS 2 in Manhattan



104 LOVES all of you that work with our school! You are an amazing group!
— Kathleen Grady, Principal, PS 104 in Queens


"Reading Rescue has made a significant impact at our school as evidenced by students entering 2nd grade with solid foundational reading skills."

- Afrina Talukdar, Principal, PS 236 in the Bronx


Reading Rescue has been a wonderful partner...It is rare that a partner will assist in the data summaries and collection. This has been helpful in making decisions about student reading progress. More importantly their site visits have been critical in supporting teachers as they teach students. Thank you!
— Silvana Ng, Principal, PS 2 in Manhattan


"Huge boost in confidence of struggling readers. Also a boost in agency for instructors."

- Jill Smith, Principal, PS 516 in Brooklyn


It’s a definite asset to have another set of trained individuals help with the foundational literacy skills that your students may be lacking.
— Eliamarie Soto, Principal, PS 161 in the Bronx